Lemuria Nursery

The nursery IS our home.

Lemuria Nursery is the largest wholesale grower of plants in Solano County, open to the public.  Nursery owners and operators since 1939, the Fink family moved the operation to Dixon in 1999. Peter and Erik Fink, grandsons of the original owners of Lemuria Nursery in Richmond, CA, bring with them three generations of knowledge in the green industry, with the fourth generation under their wing. At the present location in Dixon, Lemuria Nursery will continue to grow and now uses 5+ acres for the growing of landscape plants.  By keeping up with the current trends,  we continue to diversify our plant list!

Not only do we grow exciting new cultivars of plants, but also the old reliables that have withstood the changing times of our marketplace. In addition, most of the plants that are grown here at the nursery come from material collected locally and are already adapted to the area. Because of our contacts in the industry, it is possible for us to special order items that are not in our catalog.

We pride ourselves in the ability to put together complete orders even though some of the plants may be hard to find.

Also, we offer a flexible delivery schedule!

Our truck runs Monday, Wednesday, Friday for local deliveries.


As a wholesale grower, we insure that our prices are competitive.   The next time you are pricing a plant list, e-mail or fax a copy to us.  We guarantee you will be satisfied with the results.


 BUSINESS HOURS: Monday - Saturday 8:00a - 4:00p



Holiday Hours= CLOSED (September 1th-8th) 



PHONE: 707-678-4481 

FAX: 707-678-0825



Erik:     lemuriamen@aol.com